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giddy up

i've pleased to accept the distinction of being not only the last poster of 2004, but also the inaugural poster of 2005. in a timely juxtaposition, i begin the bright shiny new year with a word from the annals of history, a largely ignotus, sorely under-used roll-off-the-tongue kind of word:


props for the first person to post what it means. don't all fall over each other in the mad rush of hordes frequenting this commmunity.

choose wisely from the below options.

1.  using patented sui_001  How-To-Ass-Fuck-The-English-Language procedure, as outlined in previous post, modify the suffix to create tantivity: the act of getting a tan

this next one's a bit more obscure, but go with it...
2.  tantivy: a half-tantrum, in the process of being thrown (takes a bit of thinking outside the box, that one, a bit of edward de bono action, but it's because the prefix of "tantivy" is "tan-".  i know, most people wouldn't even think of this option without the help of a protractor, a graphics calculator, and a massive spliff.)

3.  tantivy: a noun meaning "rapid gallop" or "impetuous rush". as per: "When Mark broke open the pinata, his friends rushed tantivy for the scattered lollies."

allegedly it's derived from the sound of a galloping horse's hooves, though that seems like a rather on-the-gear explanation for its origins. another search has revealed "tantivy" does double duty as a word meaning "the blare of a trumpet or horn". neither of which explanations, disappointingly, have any connection with either tanning or throwing tantrums. however, this doesn't detract from the aural pleasure "tantivy" has just given me

take it to the street, people.

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